Njugush, Celestine and Tugi
Njugush, Celestine and Tugi
Image: Instagram

Early last week Lillian Muli went gun-blazing calling out celebrities who open social media pages for their children.

Her school of thought is simple, as a celebrity, you have chosen that life but what makes you think your child will want the same? A life that has so much of their personal and private details exposed.

Many people in the comment section supported her but that does not change that many of us do enjoy seeing the little ones make us smile.


Here are a few celebrity children who entertain us on social media:

1. Tugi- Njugush and Celestine's son

2. Tiffah Dangote- Diamond and Zari's daughter

3. Zawadi- Creme De La Creme and Denise's daughter.

One of her videos went viral and even got Taye Diggs to repost it and she was featured on many international pages. 

4. Ivanna- Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo's daughter

5. Mali- The Kabs Family's daughter


She is a worldwide household name with the numerous singing videos her father posts. At such a young age, she has mastered the beats to so many songs in as much as she adds her lyircs in there. She makes us happy.