Kamene and Jalang'o
Kamene and Jalang'o

On Monday, embattled Kakamega senator, Cleophas Malala was the talk of the country.

This is after the legislator almost shed tears at the Senate sitting as he was begging for his security to be beefed up.

Malala has numerous times claimed that his life is in danger and calls to have his security beefed up ignored.

This sparked a heated debate among Kenyans with some sympathizing with his situation while others blamed him for the troubles he is facing.

Some used the moment to make fun of the senator saying that as a Luhya man, the sight was so embarrassing.

Focusing on those who made fun of him for crying in public, Jalang'o said it is ok for men to cry.

"Men are also allowed to cry," Jalang'o said.

Malala is crying because his security was withdrawn. He is crying because his life is in danger. People are saying he's the first luhya man to cry in public.

As a man, if you are not Malala cry for your wife and children." Jalang'o added

However, his co-host Kamene was not buying none of that saying Malala should just know that by virtual of living in Kenya your life is always in danger.

"We feel bad easily for these people, bro living in Kenya our lives are perpetually in danger, mimi I don't feel sorry for him.

Ana pesa anaendesha vx watoto wake wanaenda shule poa ana nyumba poa, I feel nothing for him.. I can only cry for my life," Kamene said.

Watch the video of Malala almost shedding tears in senate below;