Kamene and Jalang'o
Kamene and Jalang'o
Image: kiss100

As a Kenyan woman, I know we are the best you will ever find. Can I hear an amen?

On the Morning Kiss with Kamene, Jalas decided to support Mike Mondo on his discussion about why dating Kenyan women is pure trouble.

He started off by telling Kamene that we are dangerous.


"Kenyan women are saitian from here to Timbuktu. Say I am dating you -God forbid-. You guys come in all the packages, hardworking pushing each other to be their best version, beautiful-ish though Rwanda has beaten you guys. But you also come with intolerance, impatience, too many demands. It is only in Kenya you hear a woman will leave the house because her man is broke.

Adding that,

He is embarrassed and stressed then boom she leaves with the children.  Behind all the good qualities, there is a high level of impatience."

kamene and jalas
kamene and jalas
Image: Kiss100

Jalas added that it is even worse when a man asks for something from a Kenyan woman.

"The biggest embarrassment is to ask her for something, then she will nyima you which is another embarrassment and even worse she announces it all over especially is she gives you what you asked for. Sana sana pesa."

He added another reason is Kenyan women love enjoyment too much.


"Kenyan women are drunkards. In East Africa has been written that Kenyan women drink so much, shisha smokers and bhang smokers.


The last one, when people were at green park, a chic said she has met her four exes, three currents and five entanglement partners there. Kenyan women are queens of entanglers."

Do you agree with Jalas or nah?