Jalang'o and Kamene
Jalang'o and Kamene
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On today's morning Kiss, Jalas poked the bear that is Kamene when he took a swipe at Kenyan women.

All Jalas needed to do is state reasons why Kenyan men do not prefer dating Kenyan women.

"Kamene let’s say we are dating, Kenyan women come as a full package, hardworking, they push you to work hard, kwa urembo Rwanda imewapiga kidogo but we have so many beautiful women.

But within this package, kuna intolerance, impatience, too much demands. Also it is only in Kenya a woman will leave a man for being broke." Jalas said.

Jalas was not done throwing shots and he went on to state that in the entire Eastern Africa, no country has more female drunkards, shisha smokers and bhang smokers than Kenya.

If that was not brutal enough, Jalas added that Kenyan women are the biggest entanglers.

Not impressed by her co-host, Kamene came back gun blazing listing 5 characteristics of a Kenyan man and why women should not date them.

1. Full of pity: Mwanaume anataka woiye, maisha imekuwa hard hakuna biashara woiyee.

2. You are not really that handsome: Go to Tanzania, also have you seen Rwandese men?

3. Kenyan men have a fascination with other Kenyan men:  They are always like; 'Oh we are watching football and F1 with the boys. Kenyan men love men more than women.

4. Kenyan men are full of excuses: 'Oh you want flowers? You know flowers die in three days, babe nilishikwa na polisi.'

5. Kenyan men ni wadaku; Kikao ya wanaume they can sit up to 13 men and spend 30 minutes gossiping while am making my money

It was at that point that Jalas knew he needed a break.


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