Jalang'o and Kamene
Jalang'o and Kamene
Image: Kiss100

Kamene Goro is equally not up for these Kenyan men.

I am sure there will be so many 'ooh yes' from the ladies once you're done reading these points.

Countering Jalas who gave details on why it is tough to date a Kenyan women, Kamene listed that these  Kenyan men have too many faults.

"There is a verse in the Bible that says do not tell me the speck in my eye yet you have a whole log in your eye. You guys have problems bigger than this country and the debts combined."

Kamene and Jalang'o
Kamene and Jalang'o
Image: kiss100


So why you should women not date a Kenyan man


"1. This guy is full of pity. Everything woiye I have not eaten, maisha ni ngumu hence the saying, ooh boy child.

2. They are not the cutest and they are short. When you wear heels you are on the same level as you guys.

3. Kenyan men and their fascination with their fellow men. Kenyan men like men more than women.

4. Kenyan men are full of excuses. A woman says she likes flowers and they say why and it will die in three days? Dinner plans he says why and he can buy those ingredients and she will cook.

5. The last one but not the least and it drive me crazy. Kenyan men ni wadaku. 12-13 men seated and gossiping yet the babe is out here grinding. How is it that fully grown men have the time to sit and gossip like girls."

As a Kenyan lady, I can agree with Kamene on a few points here.