Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua
Image: Instagram

The year has been a tough one for many, and thanks to Rona we have lost at least 6 months of our lives, hoping things will get better.

But for Janet Mbugua that did not deter her from pushing barriers and breaking the glass ceiling.

Her success story is one to be admired by many and even after she left mainstream media, Janet has never stopped advocating for women's rights.

That is just a tip of the iceberg and the former Citizen TV presenter is even looking forward to doing and enjoying bigger moments in the near future.

From good health to celebrating her sons birthdays, below are things Janet is looking forward to;

1. My never ending quest for peace of mind, even if it means being somewhat aloof at the moment and making tangible strides towards feeling like myself again.

2. Being open to hearing the sides of a story I’ve not always agreed with but learning a whole lot from.

3. New projects and roles I’m undertaking in the menstrual and reproductive health space (can’t wait to share with you all!).

4. Preparing to celebrate both my sons birthdays this and next month.

5. Health. Good health.