One caller shocked Kamene and Jalas this morning when she revealed that she took her ex back 8 times in total.

According to the young lady, the two were in love and no matter how many times they broke up, she would find herself taking him back.

"I have an ex who we have broken up like 8 times , then one day I told him I don’t want him back and for now it is over. Nilimuambia staki hizo story akanyange kubwa kubwa," she said.


Her revelation stamped Kamene's sentiments regarding those exes who always stick around. 

Menje who narrated her bad experiences with her exes, said that she has that one ex who refused to admit that the two can no longer go back together.

"Three years ago I started dating this guy and it was a short relationship, he wasn’t really my type but i said sawa, it was dope but akaangalia our relationship and akaona publicity nini nini so he dumped me.

Me nikawachika mbaya na msee akaingia ex zone. Jalas, my God huyu msee husumbua oh lets have coffee, I miss you, niko na kina nani, bro!" Kamene narrated.


I am very categorical about exes, we don’t talk nikikupata kwa barabara nakupita kama upepo He is an ex who thinks we can be friends.

Every woman has that one ex that always sticks around, remember God sends an ex back in your life to see if your still stupid."


However, Jalas was not boarding Menje's car and he advised listeners to always stick around and be ready to assist them in case of anything.

His reasoning was that, if an ex improves or works on what caused their breakup then there is no reason for the two to not get back together.

"Let us say I'm your ex and  you fixed what led to us breaking up, for example hukuwa unaoga na sasa unaoga, I deserve you because you fixed the problem that caused our breakup," Jalang'o said. 

Jalang'o added,

You must always hang around and be on call just in case. An ex is a boyfriend who you shared a blanket and many things with."