Kamene and Jalas on KissFm
Kamene and Jalas on KissFm
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When going through today's papers, Kamene and Jalas were shocked to realize that auctioneers have advertised in more than 8 pages.

This goes to show how bad things are to many Kenyans who are struggling to repay their loans.

The two presenters spoke to the chairman of Association of Matatu Operators, Jamal who painfully narrated how auctioneers have repossessed hundreds of matatus across the country.


 "People are bleeding inside," Jamal said.

Magari zimechotwa across the country, kama chairman wa sector na receive calls and emails daily wakisema magari zimechotwa.

Unapata gari ilikuwa inabeba 33 people sahii ni 11 people, insurance pekee ni 14k, gari ilikuwa inaleta 10k sahii ni 2500 auctineers wanauza magari kwa yard kama maembe.

Jamal added,

The president should come out clearly and apatie watu hata kama ni 4 months then maybe January we can start paying loans,  for now auctioneers please step aside.

People are bleeding from inside and the only person who can help the people is the president."

His message almost reduced Kamene to tears and she had a hard hitting message to the auctioneers who are happy to repossess assets.


"Nyinyi auctioneers kwani hamnanga madeni? Show some humanity bana, these auctioneers should know that the way I bleed is the way you bleed," Kamene said.

"No one has been able to pay their loans this year. I know a lot of people who have not been able to pay off their loans cause people lost jobs and banks came calling," she added.

The two presenters agreed that people are having a hard time out there.

Loan apps have been consistently calling those in debts to a point where they are now changing they phone numbers.