sailors and majirani
sailors and majirani
Image: Youtube

Earlier this week, Sailors and Majirani made waves with their new 'Chepukati' collabo which they used to take shots at KRG the Don.

The song was doing great and the artists were shocked when they learnt that it had been pulled down on Youtube.

By the time it was pulled down, it was trending at number 12 racking up more than 100,000 views.

Speaking exclusively to Majirani, the artists says he has no idea what happened, given that he had already paid for the collabo.

"Manze it’s crazy 'cause we did not approach Sailors directly. So we have a contract with K-letta and Mwalimu Rachel and we paid them a lot of money. All of that is because we wanted them to appear on the song," Majirani said.

Majirani says K-letta told him that Black Market Records (BMR) which the group is under, was just supposed to distribute Sailors music and nothing more.

But a few days later they received a text saying they worked with their artists without BMR’s consent.

“In short it is an in-house conflict and there is something they are not telling us.” Majirani said.

However, when we spoke to Black Market Records manager, Mr. Dankez, he accused Mwalimu Rachel, K-Letta and Majirani for doing a song without letting them know.

"After that we told them to just have credit of Black Market Records on Youtube and make sure the song has BMR logo on it.

So we actually warned them even before uploading the song that if they are gonna upload the song without our logo we’ll just take down the song," Said Dankez.

He says they went ahead and uploaded the song without doing any of that and they were forced to act accordingly.

He sternly added that the song won’t be back up on Youtube until the group does as per they were instructed.