Jalang'o reacts to Anita Nderu's post
Jalang'o reacts to Anita Nderu's post

On Thursday, media personality Anita Nderu once again lit up the streets of Twitter when she made remarks about her not wanting her kids to go through what she has gone through for being and LGBTQ+.

This most definitely left many stunned with KOT questioning her sexuality.

“I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ,” Anita tweeted, a day long intense debate among Kenyans.


Anita Nderu looking stunning!
Anita Nderu looking stunning!
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This morning, Jalang'o who personally knows Anita, reacted to Anita's post and he was far from being impressed.

Jalang'o simply could not understand why Anita and other LGBTQ members always think it is ok to rub their sexuality on people's faces.

Using an example, the presenter asked Kamene whether she has gone around shouting to everyone that she is straight.

Jalang'o's advised the LGBTQ community to always enjoy their sexuality in quietly and in their private spaces.

"Anita is my friend, bestie, just like someone asked, why do LGBTQ community always go rubbing it on our faces?

Straight people don’t go shouting and telling people that I am straight," Jalang'o said.


You do you quietly in your personally space and you will even enjoy it more. From now on people will be looking at her differently. What’s all this show? " He added.

On her part, Kamene simply could not understand why Kenyans are all up in  their feelings.

"From her tweet, Anita was talking from a point of pain, mimi kwanza I congratulate her for showing confidence," said Kamene.

Anita has since gone silent since that post, but be sure we will keep you posted in case of any development.