I am sure you have all seen the video of a young reporter in Mombasa overwhelmed with emotion after meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

As manz was doing his rounds in Mombasa, he spotted a young man doing his thing trying to cover the story and then, boo, the President walks behind him.

From the video, he got so emotional he could barely speak. 

Trust me, I would do the same. It is such an honor especially after he was promised help to revamp his content. So many people's dream.

Jalas played the clip for Kamene and asked her if she has even met the President on a one on one level.

"Kuna ile kushtuka, doing your YouTube channel welcome to my channel then boom, the president walks behind your back. You know this guy cried.

I understand what he is going through, Forget the guy people make memes about, he is tall and huge guy the the aura that the president is around will just bring you chills" Jalas said

Kamene and Jalang'o
Kamene and Jalang'o
Image: kiss100

Kamene was honest enough to say she would easily lose it. 

"Imagine H.E in my presence, I will lose it hata kuroroa ntawacha kuroroa aki hata nishashikwa na pressure."

The young guy from MK Media was trolled by so many people but let's be honest, it is an overwhelming experience to be that close to the President fam.