mama kayai and mzee ojwang
mama kayai and mzee ojwang

Legendary former Vitimbi actress Mary Khavere popularly known as Mama Kayai, has opened up on the issues she had to deal with, with the late Mzee Ojwang's family.

Speaking on Jalang'o TV, Mama Kayai says Mzee's wife could nit understand that the two were just an onscreen couple.

“I  faced a lot of problems with Mzee Ojwang's family and his wife even thought there was a thing between us. She even said I was spending Ojwangs money,” she said.

Mama Kayai, 63, a household name, says she is forever grateful to mzee Ojwang for opening many doors for her which included performing during the national events.

“I miss Mzee Ojwang and at times, we just sit and talk about him. He was a funny man and very talented. Mzee Ojwang was President Moi's cure. Anytime he was angry and Mzee performs, he would just lighten up,” she said.

Mama Kayai says they would love to produce more content but there is nowhere to air them adding that most companies claim they don't have the  resources.