Mama kayai and the late Mzee Ojwang
Mama kayai and the late Mzee Ojwang
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Aisha Khavere Matindo popularly known as Mama Kayai from the popular TV series Vitimbi has some very personal information for fans.

The show was watched by so many of us back then. Many millennial's grew up with these guys as our otero's when it comes to acting.

Mama Kayai who played the role of the late Mzee Ojwang’s wife in Vitimbi had a one on one with Kiss Fm's Jalang'o. She opened up about the problems she has with Mzee's real wife.


"I  had a very big problem with Ojwang’s wife. She accused me of trying to steal her husband and taking his money] but people had to intervene and explain to her it was acting and there was nothing between us. It took her time to understand and finally she did." Mama Kayai revealed. 

Adding that they really respected each other.

"But I have gone through a lot of problems with Ojwang's family. It really hurt me because I used to tell them there is nothing more to our work relationship. His wife never understood it was just work and that Ojwang never pursued me. We really respected each other."

The legendary actress said she loved to work with Mzee Ojwang among other few actors because they had great teamwork.

‘I miss mzee Ojwang a lot. At times we think about him, talk about him, and remember the funny man he was." She said.

Vitimbi was later canceled from airing on KBC after 30 years and Mama Kayai said they were told,

"You're too old we want youngins. There is a lady at KBC who said that Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani are old shows and have no meaning to the current generation. Vitimbi was first canceled then the Vioja crew left voluntarily. "