If you follow Bahati's son, Majesty Bahati on Instagram you can easily tell even at his age, he is one of the most stylish celebrity kids.

From designer clothes, shoes to his hair cuts, I mean the Bahatis are giving other celebrities a run for their money.

A while back, the 'Wanani' singer revealed that Majesty's hairstyle was inspired by his friend Diamond Platnumz, a style he rocked till recently.

Taking to his IG, Bahati wrote;

Tuko hapa na @MajestyBahati Tunangojea Simba abadilishe Hairstyle ata Sisi Tubadilishe 🤣🤣🤣 Iko Nene 😎.


Four weeks later, Diamond was not caving to the pressure and Bahati was forced to look to Rayvanny for Majesty's hair inspiration.

Now with a fresh hairstyle, Majesty looks dope with fresh braids and beads.

Bahati wrote,

Niliona Simba anakawia Sana Ku Change HairStyle Nikachukua ya Chui 🤣🤣🤣 Okey Now Lets Give @MajestyBahati a Cool Nick Name 😎👇

bahati's son majesty
bahati's son majesty
Image: instagram

Seeing the funny side, Rayvanny suggested that 'MajestyVanny' as his new nick name.

By now we don't know what will happen if Rayvanny chooses to stick with his style for more than a month. Will Lavalava be the next inspiration? Well only time will tell.