Jalang'o on his way to his sister's wedding
Jalang'o on his way to his sister's wedding
Image: instagram

Our very own Jalang'o's sister's Effie is walking down the sle today in Kisumu! 

The presenter revealed the big news to Classic 105's Maina Kageni after he walked into the studio to show off his dope look.

Jalang'o chose the moment to reveal the big news, saying that was the reason he was well dressed.

Complimenting his look, Maina revealed that he is friends with Jalang'o's sister and even promised to tell all about her after the wedding.

‘My sister Effie is getting married, so I’m dressed like this because I’m flying out and I don’t want to be disturbed by Airport security. I’m flying out in a matter of minutes. I have the A seat number A 1 on the plane, hapo mbele nyuma ya dereva aki tetemeka tuna tetemeka, akienda sana namwambia rudisha chini,’ said Jalang'o.

That explains why the presenter had to leave the studio early today.  

Bragging about his looks, Jalang'o added,

‘You know us Luos must go for a wedding in style. That is why I am dressed like this today.’ 

He said him and his brothers decided to out dress the groom so as to instill more pressure in him.

We are going to pick the bahasha ya wanaume. I hope he is ready na hio bahasha ya wandugu as we call it in our tribe.'

Everyone at Kiss FM would like to congratulate Effie and wishing her all the best in her marriage!