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Naiboi was forced to join the likes of Nyashinski,  Andrew Kibe and Beyonce and so many other famous names over one thing.

What is common about them all is they either follow no one or maximum one person on Instagram. 

Naiboi says it is simply because he does not want to feed himself negative energy through his feed.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with his good friend Emos Njoroge, he said,

β€œThe reason I unfollowed everybody is because, there was a time last year, I was so addicted to my phone, checking what big artistes are doing every day. I was like, Diamond amefanya nini, Davido, Wizkid... So it became a habit every morning and it was depressing because ukiona ametoa ngoma na wewe bado.”

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He then decided to share the issue with Nyashinski who does not follow anyone on Instagram except his wife, Zia Bett and his advice was simple.

When I shared that with Nyash, he told me, kama hii ndio shida, si uachane nayo and since then, I am now peaceful.” There are so many things that bring depression a topic I am very passionate about.”

Speaking on depression, he said he has an initiative, Usipime Mwanaume which is to help the boychild when it comes to matters of depression and suicide. A problem he says is very alarming because men are not getting the help they need when it comes to mental issues and empowerment.

And that is something he is working on changing.