pierra makena and her daughter ricca pokot
pierra makena and her daughter ricca pokot
Image: instagram

You could hear Pierra Makena's voice break due to the emotions she was holding back as her daughter prayed for her and her family.

In her latest post, the disc jockey, was touched by how aware her daughter, Ricca Pokot is on things going on in the world.

This is after Ricca prayed to God to protect her mom, from Corona-virus as well as from police so as she may not be handcuffed and thrown in jail.

"My baby prayed for me! Listen to her prayer for me!😭😭These kids are actually very awareof what is going on in the world and they are very alert when you watch news...THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL BOLD PRAYER.." an emotional Pierra wrote.

Below is an excerpt from baby Ricca's prayers;

"Thank you God for me and my mom help her not to be caught by Corona or police, help her not to die, help her not to be put in these (indicating handcuffs) and help me not to be shot and die and help mum to go safely. Help my shosho Baku and help our families, in Jesus name we pray, Amen!"  Baby."

Check out the video by clicking the link below;


A few months ago Zari and Diamond's daughter, Tiffah Dangote won many hearts after a video of her praying was posted by her mom on her official IG page.

In the video, baby girl showed too much maturity for her young age, when she prayed for her parents, her brothers and not forgetting their pets.

Before finishing her prayers, Tiffah told God that she wants to be His friend.

Below is an excerpt from her adorable conversation with God.

Thank you God for the food thank you God for everyone, thank you God for papa for Tiffah, for mama, for the boys.

Thank you for the dogs, for everyone. So everyday you protect us, we love you I even want to be your friend. So will see you later God.

Watch Princess Tiffah's adorable prayers below:https://www.instagram.com/p/CCrTVjQHRZA/