lolani kalu
lolani kalu
Image: Siyat

Kenyans were left shocked and saddened after a photo of ex-NTV swahili reporter, Lolani Kalu emerged.

Twitter user, Ahmed Mohammed, posted a photo of Kalu in the company of Kaloleni chief inspector Siyat and one can really tell things have not been easy for him.

According to Ahmed, Kalu is now calling on well wishers to help him get back on his feet again.

"Few days ago I asked about the whereabouts of journalist Lolani Kalu. Today Chief Inspector Siyat of Kaloleni Station has found him. I have spoken to Lolani. He is going through hard times & seeking for your help. His number is 0720554930. Kindly send him what you can. Thanks," Ahmed posted.

lolani kalu
lolani kalu
Image: courtesy

Lolani Kalu was a household name a few years back thanks to his mastery in Swahili language and his storytelling skills.

He was part of the team that was laid off by Nation Media Group in 2017 in a restructuring move undertaken by the management.

Below are reactions from Kenyans;

Shans: I hope things work out for Lolani, man's been a natural since the first time I heard him on Nation fm back in the day with his "Dondoo Za Hapa na Pale" segments. He is gifted.

Tonnie: The idea is well intentioned, however just donating cash wouldn't have solved his problem. Probably suggesting a way to enable him better sustainable his livelihood would have gone a long way... That's just my view..

Beatrice: he gentleman has great talent. I still remember his narrating voice and some of informative pieces he did

Annah Kimani: I can believe what I'm reading. Some time back his voice was synonymous with life style illnesses that are not infections like Hypertension and Diabetes. What went wrong?