Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

On Monday president Uhuru's address was what every Kenyan was waiting for with many hoping he would finally re-open the economy.

That he did, though partially as he extended the national curfew by 60 days.

However, he extended the curfew hours to 11pm to 4am from the initial 9pm-4am.

Uhuru also announced that bars will be allowed to operate from Today an announcement that warmed many Kenyan hearts. Bars are to close from 10pm.

"Unaweza kukunywa pombe," Uhuru said during the national Covid-19 address at KICC.

Kamene and Jalas termed Monday as a D-day to many Kenyans as they highlighted how the effects of Corona were tougher than the disease itself.

"I knew after what happened over the weekend Kenyans were not going to be stopped," Kamene said.

Jalas was impressed after the President directed Treasury to retain VAT at 14% until July 1st next year to continue cushioning Kenyans against high commodity prices amidst Covid-19.

Uhuru  also directed that PAYE and Corporate tax be retained at 25% until 1st of January.

"I was satisfied on what he had to say but Kenyans are complainers because I am in some group and immediately after the announcement, I asked them how do we pick up from where we left and make money?" narrated Kamene.

I was told ona sasa shida yenyu accepting crumbs and we deserve better. Personally I will take my crumbs, charity's crumbs and Jalang'os and do something better." She added.

But in a nut shell, what does Jalas generally think about the whole announcement?

"To me I was disappointed because does Corona travel at night? You could close the bars at night but let people travel at night because there are people who rely on night travels," Jalas said.