kamene and jalas in studio
kamene and jalas in studio

Morning Kiss presenters, Kamene and Jalas believe that after the president opened the economy, Nakuru is set to be the new hotbed of Corona.

The two say, with Kenyans known for their never ending drives down to Nakuru for dunda, more Kenyans are likely to contract the deadly disease more than before.

They believe if Kenya is going to have a second wave, then Nakuru will be where it will be sparked from.

"Nakuru is anew hotbed of corona," Said Jalas. If you watched the Covid-19 conference, it looked like Corona closing day and the panelists looked like we have defeated corona."

After that, everyone went wild, sanitize nothing, face masks, nothing!


The new normal is simple, masks on, sanitizers on, hand washing on. With bars and eateries opening watu watakuwa wanaenda hosi sana, not forgetting food poisoning because chefs have forgotten how to cook.

Road accidents caused by drunk drivers will once again be on the rise.

Kamene who did not test positive for the virus now fears that the chances of her contracting the disease are now higher.

"Mkifanya cheers jana mlikuwa wangapi? Hizo glasses uki sip mwingine ana sip, y'all will contract Corona if you are not careful." Kamene said.