On Thursday morning, Makueni Senator Mutula Jr. revealed that he is a die-hard fan of Kamene and Jalas.

Mutula revealed this while having a phone conversation with the breakfast presenters on matters surrounding the state of the nation and matters constitution.

"I listen to you guys !" The legislator proudly revealed.

The presenters called the celebrated lawyer to help Kenyans understand the issue regarding a possibility of extending the president's term should he dissolve the parliament as per Chief Justice's suggestion.

A few days ago, CJ David Maraga advised the president to dissolve the parliament.

His reasoning was, the current bunge has failed to pass the two-thirds gender rule.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Kihara Kariuki added an interesting twist to the whole conversation.

He says should the president dissolve the parliament that will simply gift the president a whole new term.

Should the parliamentarians go home, this means the country will have to go back to the ballot since both the parliamentary and presidential elections are tied.

As quoted by The Standard newspaper, Kariuki says that a fresh parliamentary term that falls out of the constitutional date for the elections, means altering the president's term.

So a presidential election will be held the same date as the general election for the MPs.

However, Makueni senator Mutula Jr. believes that the AG is misleading the nation by suggesting that.

"I don't agree with that finding because he obviously acted in an attempt to get the article 81:2b to be achieved.

The election of the president and his term is tied to the parliament, if you suggest that it means extending the president's term is a total misinterpretation of the constitution." Mutula said.


The only time a president occupies the office temporarily is when the supreme court nullifies the election.

There is nothing like extending the term of the president, we have great legal minds and there is nothing like that and I think he (AG) is misleading the country.