In July, Kiss nation welcomed our prodigal son, Jalang'o and he was more than happy to return where his radio career started.

Two months in and his chemistry with his co-host, Kamene Goro has made them the most listened breakfast presenters in Kenya.

Today, Jalas was jamming to Dua Lipa's 'One Day' jam and Kamene was impressed by how far Jalang'o has come since he joined her.

"Umekuwa cool kid sikuhizi," Jalang'o said complimenting Jalas' improved music taste.

"Si umeniingiza kwa hizi vitu baby. You remember the first three days when I was here hata hizi ngoma nyingi oh sijui young thug," Jalang'o responded smiling from ear to ear.

That is when Kamene highlighted how much her co-host has changed since the two became a dynamic duo.

Below is an excerpt from their very interesting chat;

Kamene: Msee alikuwa ananiuliza Young Thug, so big thug ako wapi?

Jalas: But you see with time pole pole kizungu is getting better the chemistry we are getting nini nini.

Kamene: Manze mpaka una glow, manze ngozi yako inakuwa yellow yellow msee anashinda tu aki smile

Jalas: Waking up and seeing a woman like you like this everyday why wouldn’t I be happy?

Kamene: Aii nipake tu mafuta basi

Check out the video below and be sure it will brighten your morning.