Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

On Friday's morning Kiss, Jalang'o strongly refuted rumors that he is dating his co-host Kamene Goro.

In fact, Jalang'o reminded them that the beautiful Kamene is not his type so people should stop asking him whether they have a thing now that he has put the record straight.

Below is an excerpt of his conversation with Kamene.

Jalang'o: I want it to go on record do I respect you?

Kamene: Yes.

Jalang'o: Do I love you?

Kamene: Tena Sana

So those of you who have been asking whether me and Jalas are dating no she's not my type.. Even if she was my type I have a wife and I love my baby. Happy birthday baby," Said Jalang'o before sending her kisses.

The confession came when the two were dissecting the pros and cons of forgiving and forgetting.

What was clear is that Kamene would never forgive you but she will forget you very fast.

She argued that she cannot work extra hard to make you comfortable and enjoy your friendship with her only for you to expect her to forgive you once you mess up.

"Mine honestly is based on the principle that I really respect people and handle people how I want to be handled.. For example Jalas I'll go extra to make sure we are good. Kama Kuna mtu naogopa kukosea ni Jalang'o." Kamene said.


For me a friend after 10 years alinikosea and they expected me to forgive them? You'd rather even go without apologizing 'cause it is over."

Jalang'o on the other hand said he is quick to forgive but won't forget what you did and he will in return keep you closer.

"The reason I keep people who hurt me close is 'cause of the saying 'keep your enemies closer.'

When you keep them close you'll see them when they decide to attack and if they are far you won't see them when they attack plus the guilt always eats them up." Said Jalang'o