Investigations have been launched following chaos in Kenol, Muranga yesterday that left 2 people dead and scores injured.

Inspector general Hillary Mutyambai confirmed that they were killed in the chaos that erupted yesterday morning when youth allied to DP William Ruto clashed with others opposed to his visit in the region.

This distasteful news left Kamene and Jalas angered by how Kenyans are always vulnerable to be used by politicians for their own selfish gains.

To make matters worse, youths were allegedly paid Sh1000 and it led to two unfortunate deaths.

"Can you imagine today we are waking up to 2 deaths sababu ya ujinga, DP Ruto was going to raise funds in a church vile tu yeye hufanya. Jalang'o  said.

I just want to talk to the young guys that are always vulnerable to be used in wars that are does not involve you. My friend I really don’t know why you would be allowed to be used like that."

Jalang'o reminded Kamene of the athletics event that took place this weekend where DP Ruto and Raila Odinga attended.

He pointed out how cool and friendly they were with each other yet Kenyans allow themselves to be used.

"Can you imagine two dead several injured?"

Kamene was angered by the fact that day in day out there are Kenyans who will always be susceptible to the bad influnce.

"Kenyans forget so easily, in 2007 I was so young and I remember as soon as the announcement at state house was done there was a smoke in our house.

I remember queuing in the supermarket trying to get just one packet of milk" Kamene reflected.