Papa Jones' social media posts are proof enough that he is an amazing father to his cute daughter Amali.

Even his wife Georgina shares with us videos of the family just being cute.

But Jalas was clear that the looks is all Mama Amali,


"Huyo mtoto ni mama, hii sura haiwezi"

Kamene then revealed that his relationship with his daughter wows her.

"The way you love your daughter makes me feel wow. I do not have such a good relationship with my father but I look at your relationship with your daughter and I am like wow! Big up."

Khaligraph said that being a parent hasn't really changed him much because he has been fathering the industry.

"Being a father has changed me. I have been fathering the industry so even before I got a daughter I was already setting an example to so many people"

Answering to Kamene, he listed the things that motivate him to wake up and work hard.

"I am fathering the whole industry. I wake up I see my daughter and my beautiful wife. I see my family and the people I work with and I am like, I have to wake up."

"What do you think boychild is doing wrong that is making them in the woiye situation." Kamene asked Khaligraph.

Like for me I have no place to fall back to. My parents fall back to me. So many young men are pushing themselves especially those who have grown up in problems to get out of that situation and not go back at all.

Jalang'o added saying that,

"I have seen artistes who make one-hit wonders and tit gets to their head they slack. Others work hard with no hit just for that one-hit-wonder. The likes of Naiboi who even had to change his name."