The OG, Khaligraph Jones started off his morning with an interview at Kiss FM with Kamene and Jalas.

He had a lot to say, from his music career to his life as a father to social issues affecting the youth.

If you do remember, he was the guy behind #playkemusic topic that trended for sometime before it fizzled out. But there is still a space for Kenyan music.

Papa Jones has been making massive strides in terms of his music and we are here for it all. He was recently nominated as Best International Flow and all we can do is hope he bags the award.

Before the Kikwetu Festival that went down over the weekend, Khaligraph was among the artistes who were called upon to perform for a live audience in a massive concert in Mombasa.

Speaking to Kamene and Jalas, he said he was super excited to be on stage again after concerts were cancelled due to covid 19.

"OG is OG and  he was well respected. I was so happy to be there to give my fans nothing but the best. After a couple of the videos I posted on social media mad that we as artistes are suffering, the president saw and he knows where I be and what I be. I am the one who opened the sherehe." He said

Kamene confessed that she has always enjoyed his presence on stage.

"Have you seen this guy perform? I have seen him thrice on stage and every time I chizi. His performances are electric. "

Then the question on #playkemusic was dropped. Does Khali feel like it made an impact and how is that going so far?

"I think we made progress as compared to what it was before. At least right now we after being given the shine we deserve though it is not in full support. When you decide to take a journey like this one, it will not be all rosy. 

Not all Kenyan artistes have been releasing good music for airplay. Kuna vitu mbovu bado that is being released. There are bad songs I won't mention to avoid being trolled. But I mean someone has potentials but they are not taking time to create good music. They are rushing into it." Khaligraph said

Adding that,

"Another demerit ya Playke, is the wave that came with it, Gengetone. Yes, it gave the youth something to do, a space to explore their potential. But then 'Kuna ngoma mbovu!' Khaligraph on the #playkemusic movement . A lot of people are really producing substandard music. But I am also happy to say that they are growing and understanding the music industry."

Now that he mentioned gengetone,  Kamene asked him if he understands what Mbogi Genje say in their songs.

"You know my roots, I am from Kayole so I understand a few words but I must say age is catching up with me. It is only me who has gotten to where I am and can still go back home and I will walk confidently with the guys with ni fear. Jalas ukicome Kayole, tutakuibia simu"

Papa Jones also mentioned that because of how far he has come in the music industry, he can easily produce music fast.

"I have it different, if you come up with a topic and tell me to come up  with a verse, it is pretty quick. It is pretty simple."

You can disagree with this, his freestyle flow is amazing.