Four months ago, comedienne and philanthropist, Zainabu Zeddy decided to take a bold move and go out of her way to help her fellow comedians who have been suffering in silence.

Zeddy's goal was to reach out to her fellow colleagues who have been depressed and as a result found themselves neglected.

Her main concern was former Churchill show's comedian, Njoro. Through her social media pages she rallied her fans to assist in whatever way they can.

Months later, Zeddy is back with some good news regarding the promising comedian.

"It’s been almost two months since Njoro decided to seek help for his mental health issues. I am glad to share the good news that his recovery journey has been successful and I am looking forward to see the Njoro I knew before things went south,"Zeddy's post read in part.

According to Zeddy, Njoro is doing really well and his 'happy and proud' family shared with her his positive progress after visiting him on his birthday.

"I look forward to the day he shall be discharged from the rehab and re-unite with his loved ones and hopefully see him back on screen doing what he does best," wrote Zeddy.

She went ahead to remind her friends and her followers that in life 'it’s ok not to be okay and seeking help is not a sign of weakness.'

We are so delighted about the positive news regarding Njoro and we can't wait to see him bounce back and inspire generations.