Ringtone Apoko
Ringtone Apoko
Image: Instagram

Shakila has been the talk of many on social media and even on radio as the trending topic.

The 19-year-old went live on social media with Xtian and threw names of your famous celebrities, claiming she has been in bed with them.

Khaligraph was one of the names mentioned where she said she did it as a favor to him, it was all good times. Read the story below:

Victor Wanyama was also among the names mentioned where she even claimed he paid her good money. He has sent out a letter threatening to sue Shakila and Xtian.

Ringtone has now sent out a video threatening both parties telling them not to mess with his name.

"Be careful when you are messing with people like me. Do not mention my name for you to launch our sex show. " He said

Watch the video here:

Jalang'o also shared that he met her and she looked like such an innocent young girl.

"She took her a photo with me sometime when we met in a restraurant opening and posted it innocently and then later on I came to realize who she was. I was so shocked because when I met her she looked like such an innocent girl."