DJ Mo and Sized 8
DJ Mo and Sized 8
Image: Instagram

Another day, another dramatic episode of keeping up with The Muraya's.

Size 8 and DJ Mo have become that couple who have to make it on the trending topics every day.

Over the past weeks, rumours have been going on that Dj Mo was cheating on his wife. The story escalated that Size 8 left their matrimonial home with their two kids and word has it that she has been living in a hotel.

Their latest episode of Dine With The Muraya's looks like it is going to be hela dramatic. We got to see a preview of the two arguing in public. She was talking to their fans about her upcoming hairline then DJ Mo appeared baring a very humble look on his face.

Referring to her friend Pastor Joan Chege she asked,

"What is he (DJ Mo) doing here?"

He answered telling her

" At least all I want is for our marriage to be okay"

"What marriage ?" Size 8 shouted

"He did not plead with me neither did he apologize. He just left me and I decided to unfollow him on social media." Size 8 added

Speaking to his spiritual father, DJ Mo lamented that this drama in their life has caused fracas and now Kenyans think that he cheated. But he is tired of trying to work things out.

Joan told Size 8 to calm down to avoid the drama going further than it already has. But she was too angry to be contained. 

"Let them think and conclude what they want. Right now I don’t care what they think about Size 8. Right now there’s no Size 8 on this table." She said

Of course no one wants the worst for their marriage, but from the comments on the posts, seems like they are going a bit too far when it comes to clout chasing.