Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss had some hard truths. When it comes to those we call friends.

Have you ever had that moment when you need your friend the most, at that 11th hour and they let you down 100%. Kamene has a very sad incidence.

"Just this year around March. Things had gotten tough so a friend of mine came and told me they are making an investment and they are shot of Ksh150,000. I said okay. They went ahead and said in two weeks things will be solid and when they are rudishaing the money it will come as ksh500,000. I was like for real? That is a good deal. They assured me not to worry they gat me.

Now mind you Jalas this money I had put it aside for a medical procedure that was to happen in those two weeks. So I said aah, si the deal is two weeks? I chomoad from my savings and gave them. I didn't even ask for it because I know in two weeks I will be half a million richer.

Now this is a very very good friend of mine. Bro nakuambia, hadi wa leo...Up until the moment I was getting into the hospital, no money, they have switched off their phone on me. The hospital staff have even put me on drip and I am still telling my sister, call this number tell them I need the money.

Imagine at my 11th hour. I had to call my mum who did not even know I had a medical procedure. I told her someone let me down and I needed the money. " Kamene narrated

Jalas who sympathized with her told her also said he has had the same kind of incidence when he was organizing one of the biggest events. A friend who promised to come through let him down.

I know a lot of y 'all have a similar story, know your true friends.