Jalang'o has revealed that he regrets the one time he posted his daughter, Sally on social media.

According to the father of two, he felt like he took away her privacy not knowing whether she would have loved to be put out there.

I actually regret posting my daughter on social media. One, I don’t know if that is what she would have liked, two, for her privacy's sake and three I don’t want people, her teachers to treat her differently cause she is Jalang’o’s daughter," said Jalang'o.

The presenter says that also applies to his marriage life and he prefers to keep his gorgeous wife private as a way of protecting her.

He added that his wife also loves her privacy and will always complain whenever her hubby posts her on social media.

People always tell me muweke mimba eti imekuwa 2 years down the line, wangejua tuna watoto.

I have been with baby for 15 years and she doesn’t like these things sijawahi mficha and were it not for the ruracio hamngejua. She is a private person and I normally pressure her into these things.

He added,

I invite trouble as much as good things invite me. So when things happen people even without knowing what’s going on start rubbing it on my wife. From there they start judging my wife and my kids."

So guys there you have it, just in case you ever wondered why Jalas rarely posts his family on social media.