Over the weekend, Kamene in coasto and while she was was chilling by the pool she bumped into Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo's social posts.

Menje says she was impressed by how the two love each other publicly. 

"I was looking at Vera's and Brown pages and he is not hesitating from showing the world he got a good thing, Vera was doing that at the same time and I was like, 'look at me!'" Kamene said.

Even before she was done, Jalas interjected; 

Nobody is going to chum you because you are not chum-able, come down and stop living in some fantasy world."

That sparked a very interesting conversation with Kamene stating the importance of not hiding your lover in the name of privacy.

According to her, she prefers her man to show her off and if need be put her face on a billboard like Milly wa Jesus did for Kabi wa Jesus.

She went ahead to narrate an experience where her ex boyfriend failed to introduce her as his lover to his friend, something that left her shocked.

"Nimeenda brunch with my person at the time and mtu akamsalimia and I'm seated at the table. So he introduced me like, 'This is Kamene we are just having lunch,'

I asked him 'This is Kamene we are having lunch?' I was like if you love her stand with her in public, hold their hands." Narrated Kamene.

Menje's sentiments were supported by one caller who doesn't see the need of loving their girlfriends, privately while another sided with Mr. Jalas.

Unajua hakuna haja ya kuficha, unamuanika tu why lie? Unaweka vitu hadharani,' said Douglas.

John (not his real name) said;

"What I do, for me I prefer total privacy on social media but in public I will carry her on my back, she's mine not for social media."