This is scandal week for the Muraya fam. DJ Mo and Size 8's dirty linen is all in the public.

So yesterday the DJ was trending at number one after Edgar Obare spilled the tea on a lady who came out to claim she has been the gospel deejays clande.

This was all after we all waited to see the latest episode of Dine With The Muraya's that was going to expose what is going on in their marriage. Sadly NTV did not air it but the episode was live on their YouTube channel the next day.

As all this is going on, both parties have been very silent. But Size 8 took to social media with a quote that raised our eyebrows.

"Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! How great is our God and how deep is his love for me and you that He sent his son Jesus to die for us all and raised him from the dead and sat him on his right hand far above all devils just for me and you!!! This is so precious more than even gold. God's love never changes he is a great loving God in all ways He is good, perfect and loving!!! Working out all things for our good!!! If you believe this type. God I bless you!!!God, I bless you!!!!"

It is not an interesting place to be at all for Size 8 but we pray all will be well.