Weh! Ni kubaya!

DJ Mo and Size 8 are having it very rough as of yesterday after their attempt to air their dirty linen went wrong. Their plan was to fake a scandal to help build anticipation for their TV show and Size 8's new hairline, but it took a drastic turn.

Edgar Obare had been dishing the tea for us on The Muraya's and he finally unleashed it and we were all left in shock. DJ Mo has been accused of cheating with a certain Margaret who exposed their chats plus video evidence.

Of course with all this going on, DJ Mo has remained mum about the elephant in the room.

Bahati who has been in such a space severally and survived it all, sent out a message to DJ Mo encouraging him to hold his head up high.

"No Matter How Deep the Sea is; For Survival You Must always Keep Your Head Up. God Gives his Strongest & Tough Battles to His Strongest Soldiers. #SoSoldierOn!!!"

From the tweets on this topic, many men are in full support of cheating saying that is how men should be. Your thoughts?