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For the better part of Tuesday, DJ Mo and his wife, Size 8 were the trending topic on Twitter.

This is after one Margaret Wanyama exposed her moments with the gospel disc jockey, to blogger, Edgar Obare, alleging that the two have been having an affair.

Maggie went ahead to provide chats the two have exchanged as well as photos of  DJ Mo in his birthday suit.

Many saw this as the final nail on the power couple's coffin and predicting a break up.

While many were laughing and enjoying the 'tea' comedienne Eunice Mammito was left angered by ladies who put much effort into ruining marriages.

Sharing her message through a video on Instagram, an irritated Mammito called upon such women to use the same energy to build the nation by calling out corrupt leaders.

"If ladies used the same skill to fight corruption, by reporting corrupt leaders  to Edgar Obare, right now we would have electrical trains," Mammito said.


That's how far we can go. We would be like "Hi Edgar he sent me Sh200,000 for my hair but I didn't take it 'cause it is CDF money.

Let's use that energy to build a nation not destroy marriages.

If Edgar Obare was during King Solomon's era, we would be reading the bible via screenshots.

Check out the video below;

Some of her followers interpreted her message as her way of taking a dig at Edgar Obare and that did not augur well with them.

They fiercely defended the blogger, adding that he doesn't go looking for such stories and only shares what people share with him.

Check out some of their reactions;

Chepyoset: Edgar is just the messenger. DJ Mo destroyed his marriage na mikono zake. #don'tshootthemessengar

Ne prince: Watu wanagusanga tu Edgar ovyo ovyo expose next ukuwa yao, let me hope Butita is not scrambling for other things in the cover of darkness, otherwise Mamito utabebwa na ambulance kuongezwa maji kwa kiuno😂😂😂😂😂

Zera Mallow: But si u have a platform, fight corruption on your platform

Katherin: He is not destroying marriages he is pointing out infidelity 😂