In today's news, national parents association chairman Nicholas Maiyo, was quoted as saying that the school reopening isn’t expected to occasion heavy financial burdens.

He argues that this is because it is just a continuation of the 2020 school calendar whose school fees some parents had already cleared.

However, Kamene and Jalas argued from a totally different school of though and can already feel the pressure many parents are currently engulfed in.

Ali Noor put something on Instagram and it made a lot of sense and it really made my heart go out to all the parents in this particular period. Akasema 'CS Magoha had six months to plan now he is giving parents 5 days notice." Kamene said.

Being a professor, Magoha should understand that some parents lost their jobs in the city and some relocated their families to the village because they couldn’t afford rent in the city and the cost of living. Now he is telling parents withing five days look for three months rent, monthly upkeep, fare and school fees."

As a parent, Jalang'o feels the pressures and confesses that he is not ready financially for the re-opening of schools.

He sympathizes with some of his parent friends who lost their jobs and now have to deal with the current situation.

"Let’s say you are a parent and you are a waitress with two children and you have been out of your for like six months. Not everybody works at KEMSA Magoha!" Jalang'o said.

And not everybody has money everyday like you people in the government, who despite the situation you are getting a full salary."

Kamene’s suggestion is that the first step would have been to cushion parents to be able to ensure they can afford to take their kids back to school.

She understands parents who are not ready because initially they were sure that schools would re-open in January before they were hit with the current bombshell.