Janet Mbugua had taken a small break off social media so her fans missed a lot on what has been going on in her life.

This week she has been vocal on ending child marriage by encouraging the youth to be the ones to push this agenda. From her post, every year has 12 million child marriages.

"We should be the generation that ends #childmarriage. We should all make a commitment to. Stand up for girls’ rights and help end child marriage."

With all this going on in her life, things have been moving on too fast and fatigue has caught up with her.

Taking to social media, Janet Mbugua posted a picture of her hand under drip and captioned saying,

"Life has a funny way of creeping up on you. One minute you can be up and about enjoying life and all it has to offer and in the next minute, you are on a drip, sipping liquids and not the good kind 😏😀As I write this, I now understand more than ever, the importance of being in tune with your body, something I was doing previously and then I let it slip.2020 has been a super stressful time for most, so even the tiniest triggers should not be ignored. Life happens to the best of us. The lesson though is to lean into our bodies and be at our best health always. There’s only one you; look after that person. I’ll be back when I’m back ✨"

Her followers have sent her get well soon messages and we here at Kiss we will just echo those words. Hopefully, she will be back on her feet, we need such great minds to fight for the rights of many girls and women all around the world.