DJ Mo and Sized 8
DJ Mo and Sized 8
Image: Instagram

I am almost sure yesterday DJ Mo wanted the ground to open and swallow him whole.

He was exposed for allegedly cheating on his wife Size 8 with a certain babe who gave her whole story to the tea master, Edgar Obare.

We clearly were not ready for all the information that was presented. It left all of in shock because the story was building up from their reality show.

DJ Mo and Size 8's reality show, Dine with the Muraya's was supposed to air the dramatic episode on NTV yesterday, but it did not.  They ended up having it live on their YouTube channel.

When the tea was spilled,  KOT were on fire, with DJ Mo trending at number one for hours. Some tweets were offensive and personal but others were just too hilarious.

Here are some tweets to make your morning: