Robert Burale has dated a President’s daughter while he was still a campus student in the UK.

Speaking about his experience during an interview with MC Jessy, he said,

"I dated a president's daughter while in university in the UK. The president is still alive, but sio kenyan. I don’t want kupata nimekujiwa hapa na makarao. as long as you are a former president and you are alive the instruments of power are within your access. So I won’t mention that country where she came from."

Burale went on to add,

"I will make my daughter Lexie a president’s daughter when I become president. She is my pride. When she was born, it made me realize that someone else’s life depends on me. It’s a privilege from God. She is very strong-willed and very strong."

Burale’s daughter Lexxie is in Form two at Nova Pioneer and he loves her to bits. All he wishes for her is a good life, a life of royalty and comfort and he works hard to give her just that.