Dennis Mugo better known as OJ decided to join the 'welcome to my channel squad'  and his content is very personal.

On his latest episode, he opened up about the reality of being a celebrity especially if you let it get into your head.

He made his first million at a pretty young age and that was the beginning of all the drama in his.

"I learnt about alcohol and smoking. I started smoking in Form 2 and in Form 3, I started taking alcohol. From chang’aa to anything I would get along. The habit has affected me years down the line. I’m turning 35 years but I have been hiding from the mess. I made my first million, but what did I do with it? Nothing,” OJ said

To make things worse, his fellow colleagues were working hard to make massive business moves and investments. 

"I didn’t invest well because of bad habits, which till today hit me. I got to a point I fell into depression. I could cover it with alcohol, humour and cigarettes. The celebrity mentality got into my head. I was a big name and the fame left as fast as it came. After the show ended, I started to wonder why the people who were calling me for jobs were not looking for me anymore." He added

If that was not enough, he got a child with his wife but she ended up leaving because of his love for alcohol.

I got a son during that time but later separated with my wife due to my alcohol problem.

Kate Actress who has worked with him before is proud of the content he is producing. He is being a big brother to so many with the lessons he has for them. She took to social media a post saying, 

"It takes loads of courage to tell your story while still on the journey to becoming the best version of yourself .I am proud of you @dennismugooj , you are about to save a generation by telling this story , keep going 🙌🙏 ... Run to his youtube now"