Femi one and Nviiri
Femi one and Nviiri
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Early this month, Femi One shocked many when she confirmed that she was expecting her first child.

The glowing 'Utawezana' rapper posted a video of herself showing off her baby bump looking all cute.

This brought so much confusion amongst her fans with many failing to understand how she had managed to hide the baby bump almost a month ago when she toured Tanzania.

However we the smart people knew straight up it was textbook publicity stunt and something was cooking, well apart from a real baby in her tummy.

Kumbe Femi One was fresh from shooting one of the scenes from her now released 'Kipetero Kiyesu' jam featuring Nviiri .

A Kaka Empire 2020 presentation Executive Producers Kaka Empire Audio Produced by Ricco Beatz Mr 808 Co-produced by Eric Musyoka Mix and Mastered by Eric Musyoka Video Directed By CJ Pixel Co-written by Homi The Creative Femi One Styled by Ruth Odhiambo Makeup Stephanie Cherono Hair Saul juma Femi One appears courtesy of Kaka Empire & Kaka Empire Management Copy right 2020. All rights reserved #KipeteroKiyesu #KakaEmpireisthelifestyle #FemiOne

The song is about how politicians promise all these developments and changes in our country only for them to betray us like Peter did Jesus.

The lyrical Femi, skillfully plays with her bars, calling out leaders who have watched as our sportsmen suffer while representing the nation.

She goes on to call out MCSK for paying them peanuts after days of hard work.

What do you think guys? Is it a hit or miss?