We have been waiting for Size 8 to give an official statement on the drama surrounding her marriage as we speak.

The whole week The Muraya's have been trending over DJ Mo cheating allegations. A lady came out to Edgar Obare with evidence to prove that she has been in a secret relationship with the gospel deejay.

He has not addressed the issue and neither had his wife and things were getting out of hand with so many comments all over social media on the two. They have not been interesting at all especially for Size 8 who has become the one to blame for all the drama.

DJ Mo and Sized 8
DJ Mo and Sized 8
Image: Instagram

Today, she has taken to social media a long post saying she can not reverse what has happened all she can do is seek God to fight her battle.

"What has been said about my marriage has been said whether it is true or not I don't know only God knows the whole truth and we cannot reverse what has been said. I've been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over for the bible says in Ephesians 6:12 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities rules of darkness mashetani. And if any of us fight physically we are bound to fail coz the devil is the main enemy, not people. So no point of bitterness anger unforgiveness or fits of rage!!" Size 8 shared

Adding that her solution is to leave it all to God through prayer and fasting.

"IT IS TIME TO PUT THE FULL ARMOUR OF GOD IT IS BATTLE TIME. ON MY KNEES I'VE GONE TO PRAY AND STARTED A 3 DAY FAST FOR MY MARRIAGE AND MY FAMILY I KNOW I SHALL SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD IN MY HOME! GOD HAS ALREADY GIVEN ME VICTORY BY FAITH!!! HE WHO IS ME IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD!!! To all women and men facing hard situations of all kinds in marriage, God is able to defend your homes let's pray in the name of Jesus!! LET THE MARRIAGE PRAYER MOVEMENT BEGIN FROM TODAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!! We meet live on my IG and Facebook on the 3rd day at 8pm that is on Saturday for at least 30mins of praying together. Look, I am the LORD, the God over every creature. Is anything too difficult for me!!! Jeremiah 32:27"