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A week ago, Jalang'o who hosts Bonga na Jalas show on Youtube, broke the news on radio about his intentions to let Kamene host Shakilla on his show.

True to his words, a week later, Kamene sat with the socialite and the two had a candid conversation.

This was after she brought social media to a standstill after she alleged to have slept with a number of high profile Kenyan celebrities.

This, she did on an Instagram live session with XtianDela.

Speaking to Kamene, the 19-year-old admitted that given a chance she would do it differently.

Asked about her mom's reaction after seeing her trending on different platforms, the Riara University student said she made her momma cry, something that broke her too.

Shakilla says her mom is her best friend.

"My mom is my best friend before I do something, before I post any picture and before I post something I usually consult her, she's my best friend. Said Shakilla.

She added,

The next morning she called me and she said I am seeing you trending, I am seeing you on my friend's status.

At first she was so cool with it she was like why are you holding a remote? Why are you mentioning people?." 

She says that at first her mom thought it was some entertainment stuff but at some point she felt insecure about it., worried she would ruin her reputation.

At some point she called and she was even crying and I was like I am sorry I am not the perfect kid." Shakilla said.

But how did that make her feel? Kamene asked.

I actually cried also, I cried with her, we met with her and sat down and talked and she kinda agreed with what I did but she asked me not to do it again.

As much many thought she was in the clout chasing business, Shakilla says she was under the influence of  alcohol.

Check out the full interview below;