DJ Mo and Size 8 have been the topic of discussion in many households this week after infidelity allegations broke out affecting the Muraya's marriage.

Kamene who held it down for the better part of the show after Jalas excused himself, brought up the topic on infidelity. Her concern is that women are being blamed for all this.

"I did not want to talk about it but we all know the biggest scandal this week has been the DJ Mo and Size 8 scandal. I will not dwell on it because it is none of my business. But since this has been trending all over even in groups I am in, I need to say something."

Kamene continued in anger asking why we are blaming the woman.

"I have seen guys on twitter saying that Size 8 needs to look deep and soul search to find out what she is doing wrong to make DJ Mo cheat. And I am here thinking why is it that we blame women for other people's mistakes? Infidelity happens but we are going to blame it on the women? Why?

Everyone is accountable for their own decisions. I do not understand this narrative of what did you do to force this man to step out? Why should I blame myself thinking what I need to change yet it is him who needs to change is behavior."

If you have been following up on the drama, this is what many women have been preaching. Why blame her when it is the man's choice to cheat? Sadly many men are for the idea that women are the ones who push them to do so.