A listener left Kamene Goro speechless when he highlighted four things that usually drives a man to being unfaithful.

"When a man cheats it is because of four things; Intimacy, respect, peace of mind and food, and this should come from a wife and if she fails it is an automatic cheat." KD wrote.

Even though I side with master KD (see what I Jerusalemad there?) Kamene was not buying his way of thinking and funny enough, many agreed with him!

Kennedy Oguttu said: A man is naturally polygamous. Even when you divert a river's natural course, it will one day find its original route. Don't force things

Its true chali hudai respect, peace of mind and satisfaction akipata izi atapay back na love, attention and satisfaction. Kichwa mlipuko dropped the bomb.

Mugendi differed with them all and argued; Not really wa kucheat will cheat hata apewe nini will always cheat

Check out a few more reactions that were elicited by KD's comment;

Syga: It's actually the only way win a mans heart. Well said.

Peter Oluoch: A man will cheat because of LACK OF FEAR OF GOD. If you fear God and obeys his 10 commandments, you WONT CHEAT ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL WIFE. You will keep the marriage bed HOLY. Be ye holy, as I am HOLY, says the LORD

Ab Simiyu: Definitely yes.... Kwanza hapo kwa respect