This is ess
This is ess
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Vlogger Sharon Mundia popularly known as This is Ess has wowed many after she shared her very first photos back when she was starting out.

According to the now most sought after vlogger, she decided to give this vlogging thing a try 8-years-ago not knowing where it would lead her.

Back then she used to have her photos taken by her baby sisters and look at her now! She has her own personal photographer.

She reveals that in the photos, she had borrowed her mom's clothes and accessories just 'to keep things fresh over on the blog.'

Sharon says back then she would have an audience of maximum 7 people and she's now hosting a masterclass.

"Honestly I look back and wonder if today I’d have the same audacity to create content with zero clue as to where it would lead. Thank God I trusted my gut," Sharon shared.

Isn't she an inspiration?

Check out the photos below and I hope they will inspire you to be the best you can be.