Micale Baby is a huge brand and with that comes impersonators. It is just part of the job.

But he is not going to sit and watch his loyal fans be conned using his name. Taking to social media, Peter Miracle Baby, a member of the Sailors Gang warned his followers saying telling them after this PSA, he will not be accountable for any con cases.

"⚠️....kuna wezi wameopen FAKE accounts impersonating me....here are my Official Social Media accounts ukiconiwa am not liable" He posted

Adding his real accounts just to make sure we are all on the same page.

"FACEBOOK PAGE sina personal profile*: Peter Miracle Baby (99k plus Likes)INSTAGRAM: @petermiraclebaby 200k plus Followers TWITTER: Miraclebabyke (2k followers) TIKTOK: Peter Miracle Baby (20k plus followers)YOUTUBE: Miracle Baby (10k Subscribers)This are the OFFICIAL Numbers for business 0717611669 or 0710838785Please Please Tukijichunge"

Remember, he no longer takes any business deals under Sailors. He is now on his own and he has his own management. This was what made a lot of us think he had ditched the gang to go solo but months down the line, they are still working together.

So be ware.