Image: Instagram

Madam boss kama kawaida never shies away from speaking her mind and of late she has been focusing mostly on family matters.

Being a victim of domestic violence herself, Akothee is advising parents to never involve kids in their fights.

In her IG post, the president of single mothers frowned upon domestic violence and reminded them that children are always innocent.

She reminded them that their only option is to stick with their parents. 

"Never try to brainwash your children's mind about their other biological parent,it might end up turning on you and you will get hurt and disappointed," wrote Akothee.


When children grow up, they will choose whom & where to go, as at now, they are at your mercy, so both of you should find a balance without making the children your center of argument.

Urging them to drop their ego, the mother of five also weighed in on parents who are denied access to their loved ones, creating whole sort of madness.

She states that 'no parent should be denied access to their children unless he / she is dramatically dramatic or irresponsible.'

Drop your Ego and let the children enjoy both parents, it hurts raising children on your own, it's not easy ,but who said life will be easy anyway?" penned Akothee.