Today on The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas the two had a discussion on the public announcement by Mulamwah that he is now single.

He had dated Sonnie for two years now and his long post was to basically announce she changed after he elevated her. That was not going to keep their relationship going.

Kamene who is not a fan of Mulamwah said it on national radio, KissFM that he needs to grow up and appreciate the woman Sonni was to him. According to her, she felt the decision to publicly announce their break up was humiliating.

Jalas was not for her train of thought. Read the full story below:

Seems this did not go so well with Mulamwah. After the story got to him, he took to Twitter to angrily respond to Kamene.

"Kama unajua kamene mwambie awachane na mimi na maisha yangu . Nimemwona sana for long on my trail. Choose your words carefully. What you looking for you'll find.

Adding that,

"Mimi hutaniamkia kunidiscuss kwa radio asubui bana , mbona usiambie watu wasubscribe .??? Why must it always be negative on-air ?????? Ushai nisaidia na nini madam !!!! Do you even know what am going through sai , do you know what am even talking with my lady?? Keep off.

Fagia kwako!!"