Yesterday Mulamwah wrote a long poem to reveal that he has broken up with Sonnie. Read his post below:

We are all aware Kamene does not like Mulamwah at all and so this post angered her.

"I know you have your differences with Mulamwah and he even said it on my show that he was sorry for what he said you need to forgive and forget." Jalas urged Kamene

Adding that,

"The two have been one of the most perfect couple after so many problems. We woke up to find a ling essay of him announcing the end of their relationship. He even posted a black rose which I realized the other day means things are over."

An angry Kamene replied saying,

I have no mercy for Mulamwah at all. The black rose is so dramatic.

Jalas who is a friend to the comedian said that;

"You know once you put your relationship put there in the public, it's beginning, it happening and its end must be in the public eye. What we need now is to get these two back together. From what you have read, my understanding is that he is not the cause of the breakup."

And that is what Kamene is not happy about.


"There we go and that is what I have a problem with. Mulamwah showed him and Sonnie wakipendana and even told us she held it down for me blah blah blah. So I think he left her. 

From what I am reading, he is saying he has elevated her and as I was elevating her, to her things were happening that I did not know about."

Jalas replied saying,

"You have misunderstood and misquoted and arguing from a point of you are not his friend. Stop laughing yani you do not like Mulamwah at all. From your reading, I could already sense biased. I want them to stay and create something. It hurts me to see these two have broken up."

"But he is saying amebeba huyu dame kwa mabega. Nkt! Let me tell you what happened. Understand this, he has said he elevated her now the chic is on another level and you are still who you were same jacket same clothes.  Bro even you elevate yourself. When you elevate me and I find something good I will go." Kamene interjected

Adding that,

"Aside from the idea that I feel Mulamwah is on his typical clout chasing moment, it is distasteful to bring about this passive-aggressive statement, It did not have to go this way. Mulamwah you can not come and paint her as a goddess to us and we accepted her then give us this?

A public breakup especially for someone who is well known to a person who is not i.e his girlfriend is wrong. This is not how things are done. Unakuja kuburn huyu dame looking for pitty party coins and it is something that happened between the two of you. She can not compete with you in the public sphere. "

Heavy J Baba was not for this idea. He said he does not believe this is clout chasing.

"I don't think he is chasing clout here. I think it is because their relationship was in public so even the breakup is public. But weren't they kissing in public and crying and laughing together it was all in public but you do not want the break up to be public? Double edges sword nyinyi. I have never seen you hate someone like this."

Kamene then revealed that she is speaking from experience and not hate.

"I just do not like him. But he has not done her good bringing her dirty laundry in public and she does not have numbers to address this. She carried a child for you. Mulamwah please grow up! Public break up is humiliating. I remember mine was not easy. He brought Sonnie to the public eye making us love her so for whatever reason he will out her in public and humiliated her. Your break up is your business. He put out the story to burn for this chic to get pitty pots."

"Kamene does not like Mulamwah. Anything she says is from a biased perspective. "Were Jalang'o last words.